Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Slight Expansion of Duties

If you people happen to make it over to Winging it in Motown today, you'll notice there's been an update to their author's list...upgrade? That remains to be seen.

That's right, Christy of WIM asked me to join their staff as an official author and post a daily "Quick Hits" section on their site, listing all of the juicy and random Wings' tidbits that I seem to find over the course of the weekdays. I'll probably publish a few posts that go beyond that, but the overwhelming majority of my creative writing will be exclusive to my baby, The Nightmare on Helm Street.

I'd also like to congratulate Mike of The Production Line and Kyle from Babcock's Death Stare for also joining WIM's staff and thank Christy for the opportunity to further contribute to Red Wings Universe.

My first post on Winging it in Motown, however, will not be until after I return from Sweden.


  1. You've made us proud AD!
    Christy is keeping the DRW blogosphere united.
    We're expecting more great things from the both of you!

    GO WINGS!!!