Monday, September 21, 2009

Why I stopped Reading Puck Daddy...

One reason...a writer under the handle "Two-Line Pass". After the Chief at Abel to Yzerman complained in a post that bashed the Red Wings, stating that TLP was obviously biased against the Wings...the staff writer for Puck Daddy actually came to A2Y and proclaimed: "And for the record, I don't hate the Red Wings, I hate their fans."...nice little bit of information from an overwhelmingly neutral site.

UPDATED 5:30 PM...Thanks to Jenny of the 19 for finding the post I am referring to. Feel free to spool through the comment section, there are some gems in there...not by me, but others.

Anytime I see anything from The Two-Line (P)ass, I usually stay away. But, the writer did mirmer this little blip about the Detroit Red Wings, so naturally, I have to comment on it:

This Mike Babcock quote lets you know the Red Wings' goaltending situation is a disaster, but everything else about the team is unfairly excellent: "We need 25 wins out of our backup." Sheesh.

A disaster, eh? Did you watch the play-offs this year, TLP? You think Ozzie is seriously going to have a repeat performance of last year's regular season? If you are, you're kidding yourself. Ozzie will play better and probably won't need his back-up to play in 25 games this year let alone win 25 games. The man obviously doesn't speak Babcock the way we do. But why would he care to speak our language? He hate us.


  1. I don't remember how far back that post is, but I do remember Greg Wyshinski himself coming into that thread and calling me a troll for saying that Puck Daddy is the ESPN of hockey blogs, catering only to the lowest common denominator of fans. I haven't been back to that site since.

    The only concern I have about our goaltending situation is if Ozzie is hurt in the playoffs. I know 29 other teams that are worried about their #1 guy getting hurt too, so take that for what it's worth. I'm not concerned with how often or well our backup plays (as long as we make the playoffs with a top-3 seed).

  2. TLP's a moron. Just because the idea of a backup having such a big role in another city is crazy doesn't mean it is in Detroit. The Wings need Osgood to be fresh for the playoffs, so regardless of how well he's playing in the regular season, they're going to tightly manage his playing time. As long as Howard isn't a complete bust, he'll be seeing the ice a lot.

    It means the Wings have a very specific read on their goalie situation and on what they need (playoff performance), not that they're screwed.

  3. TLP is a douche.

    I'm concerned about Howard but as Matt said, the organization is obviously on top of things and it's nothing to worry about.

    I believe the post you are looking for is titled "At Puck Daddy? Objectivity Can Suck It At Least 1/3 Of The Time" from 6/15/09.