Friday, September 25, 2009

Toronto's "Monster" Will Star Tonight

Just in, from The Toronto Star. Big rookie free-agent signee, goaltender Jonas Gustavsson will make his exhibition debut at JLA tonight against the Wings.

Here's what the 24 year old tender, nicknamed "The Monster" had to say about tonight's game:

"They've got a couple of good Swedish players but I can't really focus on them. At this level, every player is a good player. It's going to be a tough game. But this is where you want to be, these are the teams you want to play against. I see it as a big challenge, not something scary."

Former Wings whipping boy, Ron Wilson had this to add:

"We'll just ease him into the action. Hopefully, we don't have a first period like we've had the last two starts, where he's going to be under the gun. Unfortunately, I'm half expecting that to happen because of the lineup they have and, in some cases, the lineup we have. (Henrik) Zetterberg is not playing but they have some great Swedes (in the lineup). It could be interesting as they jostle him around in front of the net. That's a big part of the learning, when you've got some of these guys standing in front of him — Franzen and people like that. It'll be a good test."

Just exudes confidence, doesn't he? I guess all those beat downs before getting ousted as San Jose's bench boss has him expecting to lose to the Wings before the puck drops. I dig it.

Oh yeah...he sure looks monstrous, doesn't he?

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