Monday, September 14, 2009

Kenny to Lilja: "You are hurt."

Found this on Lilja is placed on LTIR and Williams is practicing on the point with the second line powerplay, as expected...

"He's really good on the point on the power play. Basically, Williams for Samuelsson is what we've done."--Mike Babcock

Much like with Sammy, no one is going to be able to relax on the second powerplay unit until Williams proves that we can sit back in our chair when he's holding the line.
In other news that we all knew was going to come eventually, when asked about putting Andreas Lilja on long-time injury reserve on Sunday, Kenny says:
"Based upon the news that we've had in the last couple of days, without a doubt, yeah. And then we're under the cap."
I wonder how long we're going to be able to keep him down there before he starts getting frustrated...though having headaches for 5+ months would probably already be pretty aggrivating. Lilja was quickly becoming one of the bright spots on our dismal penalty killing last season. He seemed to finally be turning the corner and no longer seemed to be the perrenial whipping boy of the defense, only to have his brain introduced to the inside of his skull last season.
"It's not necessary for me to be out there right now, because it's different now, it's camp. Everybody is trying to make spots, so they've got to run around. I'll skate, it's just I'll skate on my own."--Andreas Lilja
You're not just on LTIR for camp, Lils...I hope you realize that.

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