Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Tatar still wants to Play in North America

This from redwingscentral.com, about fast-rising prospect Tomas Tatar...

"Tatar's a good junior kid. I don't know if we are going to play him in the American League or in junior, but he probably should play in junior and really light it up. He's got a real nose for the net."--Mike Babcock

18 year old Tatar, whose CHL rights are the property of the Plymouth Whalers, wants to be a Grand Rapids Griffin. I don't know the validity of this goal, since I seem to remember his Slovakian club refusing to let him leave for Plymouth.
Tatar had this to say:

"If I play in Grand Rapids, it would be a big step in my hockey career. I want to play there because I play against men in Slovakia. I think it's the best choice."
The kid added two more points (1G, 1A) to his Training Camp total, as he led Team Lindsey to a 4-1 victory over Team Howe.

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