Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Tatar is Rippin' it up in T.C.

I wish I had the time and resources to spend this week in beautiful Traverse City while the prospect tournament is going on, with training camp starting this weekend. In fact, if A.) my sister had picked THIS weekend to get married up there instead of last month and B.) I wasn't going to Sweden and thus used up all of my vacation days for the year...that's probably exactly where I would be right now.

Redwingscentral.com posted this about the Red Wings' second round pick in this year's draft. Again, nothing but positive's thus far...

The Slovak dynamo is tied for first in scoring at the annual NHL prospects tournament with three goals and an assist in two games, including Monday night's one-goal, one-assist showing in a 5-3 loss to the Carolina Hurricanes. "These games are fast, physical and smart," said the energetic Tatar. "The North American game is really good. I want to play more."

You may remember me getting excited about Tatar being traded from the Kitchener Rangers to the Plymouth Whalers last month (I live close enough to Plymouth to catch some games this year), only to have my excitement squashed.

"I want to (stay in) North America, but I have a contract in Slovakia. I want to play in the O-League really, really bad, but we will have to (wait) until after the tournament."

Apparently, Tatar wore a Red Wings hat to the prospect tournament...one that he had purchased before even being drafted by the greatest franchise in all of professional sports:

"Detroit is my favorite club and to be drafted by them is my dream."

The article also talks about Jordan Pearce, but we're staying positive here so if you want to read about the egg that he laid, go ahead and click the link.

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