Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Nill/Landon Talk about the Future of Ferraro…

Found this in the Traverse City Record-Eagle. Jim Nill was talking about Detroit’s first selection in this years’ draft, with some comments from Landon Ferraro himself…

First of all, he's got the family genes. He grew up around hockey. He's been in that environment. He's a very good skater. He's tenacious on the puck. He has pretty good puck skills. We're excited because he's got some good offensive upside to his game."—Jim Nill

Hey, if Jim Nill is excited, then I’m excited. Ferraro has a long way to go before he even sniffs the AHL Grand Rapids Griffins. He has two years left in Juniors, but seems to be pretty optimistic about his position:

"I'm a guy who's need development. I need to get stronger. I need to improve my overall game. And Detroit is one of the best teams at doing that (developing young players). They have such a great history. I'm 170 pounds right now. In my league, I'm strong down low with the puck. I don't really get pushed off the puck. But here (at the prospects tournament) I'm playing against 22- and 23 year olds. The difference in strength is huge. It's kind of an eye-opener and it just makes you want to get that much stronger so you can compete even better”—Landon Ferraro

Nill agrees:

“He needs to get stronger, keep working hard, keep developing. He's on a good track”

Just like Tatar, young Ferraro realizes that playing for this organ-i-zation is a great honor:

"This is exciting. Putting on the Red Wings jersey for the first time, I couldn't stop smiling."
All good news coming from me today. What's that? Dan Cloutier is trying out for the team? Nope, not trying to hear that. Lilja's return puts us way over the cap? I'm not listening...

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  1. OMG! They look younger and younger every year--or is it just that I'm getting that much older? ;)