Monday, September 14, 2009

Wings: All Business in Camptown

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Drills were kept crisp and short. Scrimmages were tough and competitive. Instructions were brief and occasionally terse. The message was clear: The Red Wings expect to remain Stanley Cup title contenders, and that status doesn't come without the requisite amount of hard work.
It's a great story flying well below everyone's radar. Amidst the perrenial downfall predictions, citing free-agent losses, age, and the ever present "can't win with Europeans" decree, this is going to be a focused Wings team this season.
They are filled with hungry youngsters, veterans with something to prove, and p!ssed off returning players. Their motivations may be diverse, but they have one common goal: to reclaim Lord Stanley's Cup and to bring it back to Hockeytown where it belongs.
"I feel it's similar to what we've had in the past, but you can tell the guys are hungry. The guys are ready to go. This was our first day of skating, so I think guys were just anxious to get out there on the ice."--Nik Lidstrom
I can only imagine what the atmosphere is like in that rink, but I'm quite sure it's a long ways away from what it was heading into camp last year.
"There's no question about it: You would have liked to win one more game. It didn't happen. We're back here just like we are every year, trying to get our game back, trying to get in shape, trying to learn how to play and go from there."--Mike BabcockIf Uncle Mike can get us 3rd place in the entire league with an unfocused team and inconsistent and troubled goaltending, just think about what he will do with a team that doesn't have those problems...

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