Friday, September 11, 2009

Draper Speaks about Motivation

It's almost as if Khan(!) read our little Blogger Roundtable and used my question to speak to Kris Draper this morning as the Wings boarded two buses to head to Traverse City:

"The motivation of how close we were to winning back-to-back championships is something that's going to be there all season. How great a feeling it was to win it the year before and then how disappointing it was to lose it last year ... those are just the little motivation factors we're going to use all season long.''
Hey Khan(!)...get your own questions!
Still, it's a comforting thought that this year's Wings are all talking about being motivated. Last year it just seemed like they were all saying "Yeah, it would be nice to win two in a row". Now they're angry. Angry at Hossa. Angry at Pittsburgh. Angry at Chicago. Angry at the media for their incessant downfall predictions.

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