Monday, September 28, 2009

"You Have WHAT on Your iPod?"

Ok, so I know that George Sipple posted this almost a week ago, but I couldn't let this one go...

The Red Wings found out today that among the songs on Jason Williams’ iPod is “That’s Not My Name” by the Ting Tings.

Oh boy, J-Willz...I'm guessing you couldn't get to the skip button fast enough on that one. His explanation was this:

“You gotta try to please everybody. My girlfriend has some nieces and nephews who ask for downloads once in awhile. I try to keep everybody happy. I try to have a variety. It’s one of those songs that I probably wouldn’t listen to all the time. I have a bunch of songs, 50,000, whatever it is. There’s going to be some bad songs on there. I think the majority I have on there are good. Whoever complained, I’d like to hear what’s on their iPod. I’m sure they’ve got some really bad songs on theirs.”

Come on now, everybody has those songs that they don't want their friends to know they listen to. Admittedly, my guilty musical pleasure includes some the teeny boppers you see on the Disney Channel (the female ones, don't worry). Anyone else want to 'fess up?


  1. Confessions? I have a couple of songs by Air Supply. And my musical tastes run more towards Cream, Led Zeppelin, Alice Cooper, Black Sabbath, ANYTHING by Eric Clapton, etc. Yes, we ALL have some songs we don't want others to know about. :D

  2. Guilty Pleasure No.1 = Siouxsie and the Banshees.

    Dear Lord.

  3. I'm actually fond of female vocals, so my mp3 player has Garbage, No Doubt, Paramore and a few other female fronted bands. Sometimes i get looks when someone hears the female singing... thats not my problem tho.