Thursday, September 3, 2009

Howard and Bedard: Easy Riders

From the Niagra Falls Review...

Apparently back-up netminder and top choice of the Wings in 2003 Entry Draft has been doing quite a bit of cycling in the Niagra Falls area, home to goaltending coach, Jim Bedard.
"It breaks things up and it gets you out of the weight room. I try to get out there at least three days a week to do a (50km) ride."--Jimmy Howard
Former back-up Ty Conklin and Chris Chelios were two others that are bicycling enthusiasts. Conklin and Bedard used to ride in downtown Detroit last season.
Bedard had this to say:
"The guys are trying to get away from the pounding of running and the monotony of it. A lot of guys have taken to cycling because it's exciting and I think part of it is the Lance Armstrong phenomenon. He brought it from a niche sport to the mainstream. Once you start riding, it becomes very addictive. A lot of guys have gotten into cycling for their aerobic (training)."

Don't worry, Bedard insists that everyone wears a helmet. It looks like Jimmy's work ethic is starting improve...

"It has turned into being 365 days a year. It's to the point now where you take Saturday and Sunday off and you feel guilty for not doing anything. It's a process I've learned. Especially watching guys like Chelios and Draper. They keep their bodies in shape and it has been really key for them."

That's good to hear, Jimmy. You have better be worth the wait. We've been very patient with you and it's time for you to return the love. We don't need to you play as many games as Conklin did last year, but we expect a better showing than that stinker you put up in Minnessota.

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  1. The Wings put up a stinker in Minny, not just Howard.