Friday, September 4, 2009

Roundtable gets Sniped and Dangled (Twice)

Today is part 5 of our Red Wings Blogger Roundtable, and it's being hosted by Kris over at Snipe Snipe, Dangle Dangle...

Aside from having a great blog name and a first name spelled like Draper's, here is SSDD's question to the rest of us:

First, how do you feel about a Chris Osgood/Jimmy Howard tandem carrying the Wings down the stretch? What do you expect of Ozzie this season? On top of that, do you think Howard will finally live up to his potential or is this the end of the road for him in the Wings organization? Looking beyond this season, who do you see taking the reins from Ozzie when he's gone? Despite the fact that he still looks like he needs parental supervision to get into an R-rated movie, he is getting up there in years. In addition to Howard, the Wings have Daniel Larsson, Jordan Pearce, and Thomas McCollum developing in the minors. Which, if any, of them do you think will be the Wings' "goalie of the future?" Or does the answer lie outside of the organization?

So far, we've covered the Olympics at Winging it in Motown, the Williams/Bertuzzi debate at Snapshots, fatigue concerns at The Triple Deke, and impact players for the 2010-2011 season at Bingo Bango. If you haven't checked all of them out thus far then go do so now...we've put a lot of time into making this for all you people.

To get even more preachy. Tomorrow is my turn to host, which comes with a set of unique problems. See, I spend my holiday weekends in a little town called Gladwin, MI which isn't exactly a technological Mecca. My only connection to the Internet is at the local library (which doubles as the hockey rink...strange I know). So if I'm going to be stumbling into Gladwin tomorrow hungover to post, I better get some readership, dammnit.

Ok, rant over....enjoy your Friday everyone.


  1. I've been reading your stuff since you started posting this summer. I was glad you did as you have been one of the most consistent Wing bloggers, since the Chief was a little quiet to start the summer. You will have at least one reader if you manage to stumble into town.

  2. Here here. I dig this blog, Drew.

    So I'm posting my reply here.

    I feel the most important thing a Wings goalie can do for the organization is to be quiet, not be an arrogant bastard, and stop the damn puck. Take that strategy, repeat it over at least 30 regular season games and one good playoff stretch and you're in. Before that, it doesn't matter what the hell your name is. These guys coming up have to do just that, before I see that, the point is moot.

    Though I do miss a Hasek knocking folks ass over teakettle ( on the blue line.