Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Bleacher Report on Wings

Bleacherreport.com gave me this, their breakdown of the Central Division, wanna know what they had to say about the Wings?

Detroit Red Wings


1. Being the Red Wings: They’re just that good. No one expects them to stop anytime soon.

It's true that the Wings are just that good. But to say no one expects them to stop anytime soon is either ignorant, or very thoughtful. Ignorant if you haven't read all of the articles predicting the downfall of the Red Wings. Thoughtful, if you think that everyone writing those articles is just putting their wishful thoughts into words on the internet.

Key stat: They’ve won a ton of Stanley Cups. Duh.

Can't argue with that...sound reasoning backed by empirical evidence.

2. Best personnel in hockey: Ken Holland is the best GM in the league and Jim Devellano has enough experience and success to share with all 30 teams. Mike Babcock is one of the top coaches in the NHL, while Jim Nill, Hakan Andersson, and their incredible scouting staffs continue to develop players like it’s their job. Oh, wait...

Key stat: See stat above.

Another "Amen" synopsis. They are the best run organ-i-zation in sports and have been for quote some times. Just like the Patriots did, the Wings have built their post-Cap era on HOME GROWN talent. Never drafting high, but drafting smart. All praise to be Hakan...and Ken Holland...and Jim Nill...and...


1. Offseason moves: The Red Wings decided to replace Jiri Hudler, Tomas Kopecky, Ty Conklin, and Marian Hossa with some prospects. Is that a good move? Well, based on their track record, I wouldn’t worry too much. But can Justin Abdelkader, Darren Helm, and Jonathan Ericsson make up for the star talent they lost?

They will certainly make up for some of it, but they won't have to do it alone. Bringing seasoned vets like Williams and Bertuzzi for one year (at least) will help take the pressure off. Oh, and Leino is already getting whispers for the Calder. Just somethin' to think about.

2. Chris Osgood: Every year we discuss this and every year he proves his detractors wrong. He can still play the game and he even outplayed Marc-Andre Fleury in the Stanley Cup Finals last season (his team sure didn’t, though). Nonetheless, he may not have the same support that he’s had in the past and asking an older goalie to step up his game may not work out as they plan.

Detroit's defense is rock solid and will be for years. We have THE two greatest two-way forwards in the game along with a coach who preaches playing the game at both ends. The PK will get fixed and Ozzie will be just fine. Mark my words.


The Wings will continue to dominate this league, although it may not end with a Stanley Cup. They continue to be successful, but they lost too many pieces this year to challenge some other up and coming teams. Another Central Division crown will be considered a success in my mind for them, but I’m sure Holland wouldn’t agree.

Prediction: First in Central Division, third in Western Conference.

We win Cups. It's what this organ-i-zation does. Just read the words coming out of the players' mouths...they are hungry. It's Stanley or bust every season. Let the up and comers get their comeuppance...and they will, as they always do, in the end.

Click the link if you want to see what they said about the other teams in the Central, if you care enough to.

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