Thursday, September 3, 2009

Another Golfer Talking Red Wings

The Expositor was running a little piece on Ernie Ells and his renaissance...guess who got name dropped?

Warning: This quote will not make you happy.

"Look at the (New England) Patriots or the Dallas Mavericks, the regular seasons they had. Or even the Detroit Red Wings," said J. J. Henry, another Callaway staff player who joined Els at Magna. "Just because you have a great regular season ... like the other sports, you've got to play well to bring home the hardware."

Guess what, J.J. can s*ck it. Last year's regular season was arguably one of the most frustrating we've had in a long time. Maybe he meant to say San Jose Sharks?

Or maybe anyone who's a fringe fan of the NHL just expects the Red Wings to win the Cup every year.

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