Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Bertuzzi Skating Early

Found this in the London Free Press....

An article centered around Edmonton Oiler, Sam Gagner and his Euro Can Cup experience for the London Pro Knights against Swiss club EV Zug. Guess who one of his teammates was...none other than Big Bert, who got a little blurb in the article which I happily pass on to you:

"I don't skate all summer and usually don't go on the ice for another two weeks so this is early for me. I wasn't in Detroit for very long the first time but I know well enough what kind of organization I'm joining and how they always give themselves the chance to win. They're first-class all the way." --Todd Bertuzzi

Don't skate all summer, eh Todd? No better way to stay in hockey-shape than to not step on the ice for a period of 2-3 months. For those of you who play(ed), you know that no off-ice conditioning compares to actually spending time skating in the rink.

At least he's back on the ice earlier than usual. Oh and the article also had this to say:

Bertuzzi, who looked strong on his skates, won't be a part of that Calgary-Edmonton rivalry this time. The 34-year-old, who has more NHL kilometres on him than tattoo ink on his arms -- and that's saying something -- is back with the Detroit Red Wings.

All tatted up and looking strong on his skates? I'll take any encouraging statements from the Canadian press that I can get at this point...they throw Red Wing-compliments around like manhole covers.

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