Wednesday, September 2, 2009

"Deke Day" on the Roundtable

We're into day #3 of our Red Wings Bloggers' Roundtable. And today it's The Triple Deke's turn to host. If you don't check this website regularly, you really should. These guys are almost always good for a laugh.

Triple Deke's question:

Take a break, for just a moment, from being a blindly arrogant, elitist, scumbag, Jew-hater of a Wings fan: How worried are you about the team running out of gas again at the end of the year? I've wondered this aloud a few times this summer. If the Wings are to win the 2010 Stanley Cup, it would be a monumental achievement: It would be their 4th consecutive year in the Conference Finals, 3rd in the Cup Finals; and this will be an Olympic year to boot. They've played 68 postseason games since 2007 -- almost a 4th full season sandwiched between the previous three. They certainly have the talent to do it, as you could once again make a case that the Wings boast the deepest forward and defensive units. So is this a legitimate concern, or no?

Click the link to see our answers.

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