Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Tough Talk with Wings

Dave Waddell of the Windsor Star felt like trying to open a few old wounds by talking about how the Cup loss lingers with some of our Wings...

"When you win, you're with your friends the whole summer and, when you don't, it kind of tappers off. That was abundantly clear after we lost. Everybody in the media, except the people from here, were in their room. There was no one over here to talk to us whatsoever. We kind of knew what it's like to be on the otherside of that situation. From that, there's some motivation. If you want to win, you want to be prepared to start the season. I feel way healthier and rested than I was last year."--Chris Osgood
Apparently, while Helene St. James was digging up some feel good stories, Mr. Waddell thought it would be better to stick the mic in there and say "so how did it feel to lose?"

"It was a tough ending for all of us. When you win, people keep telling you how good you are. When you don't win, it's not the same thing. People congratulate you for a good season and it's almost like you get offended. There's nothing but first place. No one counts the second guy. What bothers me the most is I feel we had a great team and we didn't play as good as we could. You have to live with that.""--Nik Kronwall

An angry Kronwall to start the season? Yes, please.

Waddell was nice enough to end with a few encouraging words from Ozzie:

"We had tons of good young players that played in the playoffs and played real well that are going to get the chance to play even more in the regular season. I'm not worried."

Play like you did in the play-offs, Chris, and it's going to be a fun season.

They'll be ready. See you in Stockholm. Is it October yet?

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